Manufacturers of hand made cheddars in  Blaenavon, South  Wales
About Blaenafon cheddar company

Our specialist cheddar company was established in the World Heritage town of Blaenafon in South Wales on December 2nd.

The company is owned jointly by Susan Fiander-Woodhouse & her husband Gerry Woodhouse. Susan manages the company on the day to day basis and is also responsible for all the Food safety & legal responsibilities & accounting. Gerry organizes stock, deliveries, sets up the shows, logistics & is the company engineer. The other member of this family business is Terence Hill (son) who is the Production Manager and also a retained Firefighter for the town.

The company prides itself in the work it does for international tourism for Wales. This involves exhibiting at many major events & festivals, working with TV & Media worldwide and always being on duty even on days off!

We starred in ITV 'Food Glorious Food' , BBC 'Country File' with Mat Baker .

The Company's lists of awards are: Tourism Ambassador - Visit Wales 2006, True Taste of Wales - 2007, 2009 & 2012, British Cheese Medals 2007 & 2010. Great Taste medals: 2 Gold stars for 'Dragons Breath' in 2012 & 1 Gold Star for our Oak Smoked Goats Cheese in 2013.

2014 Royal Welsh golds. 2014 South West of England Cheese Awards; Gold for our Caerphilly and our Mini Heritage Gift Pack, Silver for the Oak Smoked Pwll Mawr.

2014 South West of England Cheese Awards; Gold for our Caerphilly and our Mini Heritage Gift Pack, Silver for the Oak Smoked Pwll Mawr.

The highlight has got to have been our 'Nanny Goats' hard goats cheese winning the Treble Gold, which were Royal Malvern 3 Counties show Gold, Royal Welsh Gold and the Gold at the International Cheese awards at Nantwich Nanny Goats cheddar is also matured in Big Pit.

Susan's personal qualifications are as follows: Cheese grading, External and internal auditing, Leadership, managing diversity and equality, Business management, Customer Care & a sense of Place

The Blaenafon Cheddar Company has been established in accordance with our local environmental Health team, we have Scored 5 every year.

We hold our EEC licence & work within our Quality Management system to ensure product safety and traceability at all times.

Manufacturers of hand made cheddars in  Blaenavon, South  Wales

Susan Fiander-Woodhouse MD, Lady Cheddar.

co owner director of Blaenafon Cheddar. List of roles includes: HR, Accountant, Quality Manager, Secretary, Purchasing Manager, Sales Manager, Planning, Shows and Events, Media, NPD, & TV Personality. Home Life Born in Walton on Thames London to a Welsh mother & Cornish father. Moved to Wales in 1976. Regards herself as being born on the wrong side of the bridge which wasn't her fault. Having lived in Blaenavon for most of her life she considers herself a local. She is Mother of 3 children, Linda,Terence and Charlotte, Linda: Susan's Eldest is married to Adam. They have 2 children, Chloe 8 & Kyle 5. Charlotte is Susan's youngest and used to be Blaenafon Cheddars Customer Service Manager but left when she had her son Theo James. He is due to start school this September so Charlotte might return to us. Susan & Gerry have an acre Smallholding in Blaenafon where they have 1 dog, 2 Horses, 1 cat, 20 chickens, 1 Guinea pig, 3 Cockatiels, 5 fish & the last WELSH DRAGON. Spare Time Getting the grandchildren wet & muddy, Loves fishing, walking, geocaching, kayaking & generally mucking around & embarrassing the kids.

Terence Hill, Production Manager

is Susan's middle child and is Blaenafon cheddar's Production Manager. Between the boys Gerry, Adam & Terence they produced 24,000 cheeses last year. Terence lives in Blaenavon with his partner Natasha and their Grey Merle Border Collie 'Buster'. Terence is also a retained Firefighter for the town, when his pager goes off he can be seen dashing off on his motorbike to the Fire Station at the top of Blaenavon.

Gerry Woodhouse, Co-Owner

Gerry is Susan's right hand man, husband, fishing buddy & co owner of Blaenafon Cheddar. Gerry is the company's Engineer & logistics manager as well as being able to produce the cheese from start to finish. Once a fortnight he can be spotted at Bit Pit making the Pwll Mawr cheese exchange. All of our major events are managed & set up by Gerry Home Life Born in Luton & later lived in Norfolk where Susan got him on Ebay in 2001. They had their first date on September 11th 2001 oblivious to the terrible events happening in New York. Gerry was working for Hoover and transferred down to Wales the following February 2002. Susan & Gerry got married at Caldicot Castle in October 2003. Sadly Susan's father passed away in the January 2003 and she was given away by her Grandfather aged 92. Gerry has 2 sons who live in Lincolnshire & Derbyshire a few miles away from each other Spare time It's lucky that Susan & Gerry are soul mates and enjoy the same pastimes although there is fierce fishing competition between them.

Adam Green, Production Planning Manager

Adam Green is married to Susan's eldest daughter Linda. He is the Production Planning manager. Keeping on top of orders and what needs to be made is Adams forte. He is brilliant at matching up the mini cheese quantities that need to be made. When he has a little time to spend on himself Adam enjoys cycling and is currently training to run the London Marathon.