Truckles of cheddar cheese in Wales
These fifteen very distinct cheddar's along with our four goat's cheeses are our products. We think you will enjoy
them very much. Each cheese is a truckle, that is 8 ounces / 200 grams in weight. The price of our cheddar's
is £5.00. Excludes Oak Smoked (£6.00), the Heritage set of four is £18, The Mini Gift Packs are £6.00 and the goat's cheeses retail at £5.00.

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 Our products are handmade so it is not possible to make products quickly. If a product goes out of stock it may take up to a week to get it back in stock. We will keep you informed if this is the case. You can order any of the cheeses below online. You can order also by email or telephone through the Contact page of this website. Payments can be made securely over the phone & we hold a PCIDSS Certificate of Compliance.

 If you're in the area you are welcome to visit the shop and see what we do. We are open from 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday.

Our cheeses are only available in the UK, but arrangements can be made over the phone.
We are available to give talks & cheese tastings to groups, WI or town's women's guilds. Talk is 45 minutes then a tasting session - £60

The 12 Days Of Cheesemas Advent Calendar. Contains:

- 1 x 10cl of Black Mountain Liqueur or Danzy Jones Whiskey
- 12 x 25g cheddars of the following flavours;

Pwll mawr - Mature cheddar

Pwll ddu-Mustard,leeks & ale

Blaenafon-whiskey and ginger

Capel newydd-white wine and garlic

Taffy Apple-cider & onion marmalade,

Cymru crunch-pickled onion and welsh ale

Dragons Breathe-Chilli & Brains SA

Xmas Pudding-vine Fruits, & Black mountain liquer

3 of the new Sultans Promise Range which are Lime pickle, green chilli, aubergine firecracker

And last but not least Mefus A Prosecco-Strawberries & prosecco Only 250 Available £25.00 each. 

Pwll Mawr mature cheddar
Pwll Mawr (Big Pit) is a mature cheddar with a bite into the past. It is matured at the bottom of Big Pit mine-shaft. The farmhouse cheddar flavour is typical of the cheddars produced in the past. The cheese is sealed in a velvety black wax. This cheddar was given the bronze medal at the prestigious 2008 British cheese awards.

Pwll Mawr oak smoked cheddar
The traditional mature Pwll Mawr farmhouse cheddar is also available in an oak smoked.variety. The cheeses are slowly smoked over oak chippings in the Black Mountains smokery, Crickhowell in the heart of the Brecon Beacons national park.

Blaenafon cheddar

Blaenafon, translates as "where the river flows in the upper reaches of the valley" . This cheddar is flavoured with the finest Welsh whisky and ginger preserve to give sweetness and warmth to the cheese. Served with oatcakes or wholemeal crackers it makes a perfect choice for a speciality cheeseboard. The cheddar is coated in a deep blue wax which represents the colour of Blaenafon pottery produced in the early 19th century and from which the town's football team take their name, the Blaenafon Blues.

Pwll Ddu cheddar

Pwll Ddu (Black pool) cheddar is flavoured with mustard, leeks and The Reverend James Welsh ale which gives a mouth watering savoury bite.Combined with a wholemeal malted roll it provides a wholesome tasty meal.The cheese is coated in a neutral wax allowing the texture of the mustard grain to shine through.

Capel Newydd mild cheddar

Capel Newydd (New Chapel). White wine and elderflower provide the bouquet for the gentle flavour of this cheddar. Combined with a hint of garlic and lemon thyme. The cheese is sealed in a rich green wax.

Four cheddar Heritage set
Heritage cheddars. A pack of four cheeses - Pwll Mawr, Blaenafon, Pwll Ddu & Capel Newydd.
Mini gift packs. 4 x 50g mini cheeses. 3 packs available.
Heritage - Pwll Mawr, Blaenafon, Capel Newydd, Pwll Ddu
Savoury - Pwll Mawr. Dragon's Breath, Cymru Crunch, Taffy Apple.

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Bara Brith (Speckled bread) is a traditional Welsh bread recipe. Our cheddar imitates this by being blended with plumped juicy raisins and mixed fruit which has been infused with 'Black Mountain' liqueur, a medieval apple and blackcurrant brandy produced by the Celtic Spirit Company.The cheese is covered
in a rich brown wax.
Anadl y Ddraig cheddar
Anadl y Ddraig (Dragon's breath) is a hot chilli cheddar with a hint of sweetness and the creaminess of a Brains S.A. Welsh ale that has been blended together to produce a cheese that will leave you breathing the fire of a dragon.The cheese is enveloped in a firey red wax.
Seidr a wniwn marmaled cheddar
Cider and Onion Marmalade is a mouth watering savoury mild cheddar. It is infused with a traditional Welsh cider, Taffy Apple, made by the Hums brewery of Swansea which is combined with a tangy onion marmalade. This cheddar makes an ideal family teatime treat. The cheese is wrapped in a bright yellow wax.

Cymru Crunch is a cheddar with pickled onions, onion relish and chives.

Pwdin Nadolig

Christmas pudding. Each festive season we produce a cheese to imitate a dessert Christmas pudding. The cheddar is blended with luxury mixed fruits which have been infused with Black Mountain liqueur. This liqueur is from an ancient recipe replicated by The Celtic Spirit company. Sealed in a chocolate brown wax with a white wax topping and decorated with a sprig of holly.This cheese would grace any cheeseboard over the festive period. Only available in November and December this cheese is £6.00

New Products

Blaenafon Cheddar has developed a new range working with Samosaco, who are a family business based in Cardiff producing traditional Indian Samosa's, onion Bhaji scotch eggs, traditional Indian pickles and lots of other Indian produce.

Cheddar with Lime pickle
Mouthwatering and leaves a beautiful fresh lime zing in your mouth with a little bit of heat.

Green chilli cheddar
Full of flavour, and a good heat. A winning combination that leaves you wanting more!

Aubergine Fire Cracker
Cheddar with a fiery pickle that makes the meaty aubergine dance on your tongue with delight.

Sultans Promise mini pack
4 x50g mini cheddars. Pwll Mawr, Lime Pickle, Green Chilli & Aubergine Fire Cracker.