All our products are handmade, so it is not possible to make products quickly. If a product goes out of stock it may take up to a week to get it back in stock. We will keep you informed if this is the case. You can order any of the cheeses below online or you can order by email through the Contact page of this website or by telephone.  Payments can be made securely over the phone. We hold a PCIDSS Certificate of Compliance for security.

 If you’re in the area you are welcome to visit the shop and see what we do.

Our cheeses are only available in the UK, but arrangements can be made to send abroad over the phone. 

Safety Data Table : Please read our Product Safety Data before purchase.  They are all 200g unless stated

CheeseCheese DescriptionAllergenAllergenAllergen
Pwll MawrMature Cheddar (PM)  
Oak Smoked Pwll MawrNaturally Smoked Mature (OS)  
Bara BrithCheddar with fruit soaked in Brandy (BB) 
BlaenafonCheddar with Whisky & Ginger (B)  
Strawberry & ProseccoCheddar with strawberry pieces, prosecco & popping candy (SP)  
Taffy AppleCheddar with onion Marmalade & cider (TA)  
Capel NewyddCheddar with White Wine & Garlic (CN)  
Cymru CrunchCheddar with Pickled onions (CC)
Pwll DduCheddar with Mustard & Leeks & Ale (PD)
Dragons BreathCheddar with Chilli Mustard, Chilli jelly & Ale (DB)
Punjabi Lime PickleCheddar with Samosaco Lime Pickle
Punjabi Green ChilliCheddar with Samosaco Green Chilli Pickle
Punjabi Aubergine Fire Cracker Cheddar with Aubergine Firecracker Pickle
Heritage Dumpy Gift packs50g mini cheese x 4, Pm, B, CN, PD
Savoury Dumpy Gift Packs50g mini cheese x 4, Pm, TA, DB, CC
Sultans Promise Gift Pack50g mini cheeses x 4, PM, Punjabi Lime, chilli & aubergine
Advent Calendar 12 x 25g minisa selection of each of the above in 25g
Christmas Pudding Cheddar with fruit soaked in Brandy & Cherries 
Storage details:All our cheeses have 5 months B/B shelf life and   
  have shelf life testing carried out for 3 years with no issues if stored at +0 oC to +5 oC   
 If cut & cling wrap is being used the cheeses can reach    
 22 days maximum if stored as above   

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